Natta launches the UK’s only voice-enabled smart rooms at Sleep & Eat 2019

Natta, the London-based Voice Tech company, was proud to launch its hospitality industry solution Natta Hotel at the Sleep & Eat 2019 event in partnership with the Luminary Room guest set by Maria Tibblin.

Natta Hotel transforms any hotel room into a voice-enabled smart room, creating truly personalised and frictionless guest experiences. From orally controlling lights to ordering room service, guests have a whole new level of control, while hotels are able to provide high quality service at a lower cost.

Natta founder Jon Sprank says voice control hardware is the fastest growing consumer technology of all time – with 55% of households being expected to own smart speakers by 2022. 

He said: “These shifts in consumer behaviour, paired with the operational and branding advantages offered by Voice Tech, present an opportunity that the hospitality industry just cannot afford to ignore.

“It’s all about improving the guest’s experience with features and functionalities that complement our clients’ brands. This means that, on top of the usual ordering room service and clean towels, we can add a voice-guided meditation feature for health- conscious hotel brands or a daily news brief for the more business-oriented establishments. The possibilities are virtually limitless.

“After months of hard work with our tech consultants VUX World, thought leaders and experts in the voice space, we are ready to start conversations with potential clients and partners alike.”